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A Highlands Ranch consulting arborist needs to be especially observant of wildfire management when analyzing trees and shrubs within a property. That is due to the dry, brushlands that are a distinctive feature of the H’ Ranch landscape.  For example, juniper bushes are highly flammable so we recommend planting those away from homes and garages.

Tree trimmers need to know what defensible space is and what trees to trim to provide that. Defensible space provides firefighters with the room to safely combat a brush or forest fire. If that isn’t accounted for firefighters may not be able to fight off rapid-moving grass fires before it consumes a home or shed. Plus the trend is to coach fire crews to take fewer risks in the midst of a fire. Homeowners who have not maintained a defensible space around their home increase that risk.

The second unique variable important to an arborist is the H’ Ranch trees are younger than surrounding communities, a factor that appears in our blog posts all the time. Understanding the tree age means understanding where it is in its lifecycle and making proper treatment recommendations based on knowing the approximate age of different stands within the town.

Qualified Colorado Arborists:

ArborScape has two consulting arborists and a plant health care consultant with more than six decades of combined experience. We offer tree and landscape valuations,  landscape and tree insurance expertise, feasibility studies, and arborist consulting services.

David Merriman – David Merriman is an ISA Certified arborist (#RM0786A), a member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists (#2122).

Jeff Disler – Jeff Disler is a Plant Health Care Consultant for Arborscape.  e holds a QS through the Colorado Department of Agriculture

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