Lawn Aeration in Highlands Ranch

Besides offering tree removal in Douglas County, we also offer lawn aeration for Highlands Ranch customers.  Lawn aeration is a low-cost and effective way to help your Colorado lawn thrive year-round. Here are the ballpark lawn aeration prices, followed by a description of some of the benefits.

Average Price to Aerate

$55 for a small yard (3000 sq ft average)

$65 for a medium-sized yard (5000 sq ft average)

$75 for a large yard (7000 sq ft average)

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What are the benefits of aerating your lawn

In Highlands Ranch’s dry climate, aeration is recommended twice a year, spring and fall. The timing of aeration for spring is best done from mid-April after the ground has thawed into mid-May. Fall aeration in H’ Ranch is best done in October before the ground thaws.

Aeration services for your lawn are like attending to a human circulatory system. Through proper lawn aeration, you’ll increase the flow of minerals and nutrients to your lawn’s root system while simultaneously allowing easier water flow to help promote healthy stem growth all year long.

Highlands Ranch soils can be very sandy and like most Colorado soil, heavy in clay content.  Compaction can also be a growth obstacle even from one house to the next.

The plugs into the ground should be around 2 inches and cover the entire space with the aerator being cautious around tree roots and sprinkler head flags. Marking sprinkler heads is a good practice whether you do your own aeration or have a lawn aeration service.  Backyards with hills won’t get as good lawn aeration plugs on slopes and areas with flagstones intermixed with lawn can be hard to fully cover.

When planning spring aeration,  avoid a very muddy yard as that can tear out grass and disrupt turf. Wait a few days and you will have nearly perfect lawn aerating conditions.

We use hollow tines in our lawn aerators and recommend you do the same. Tines or spikes that are hollow pull plugs out. Removing the soil content is a critical part of what makes aeration effective. Some devices just squish dirt down using solid tines. This creates soil compaction and ends up hurting more than it helps.

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