Spring Tree Services for Highlands Ranch

Springtime is upon us in Highlands Ranch and at ArborScape, we’re already hard at work with spring tree services.  As a locally owned business with over 20 years of experience prepping trees for Colorado summers, ArborScape is well equipped to help your trees look great no matter what the size of your project.  The following tree services will are a good start toward healthy trees in 2010:

  • Tree Fertilization – this is an essential tree service to ensure the most vigorous growth and spectacular fall colors.  We have three different methods of fertilization: soil injections, an application to the bark, or an injection directly into the tree.  One of our certified arborists can help you decide what’s best for your trees.
  • Tree Spraying – now is the time to protect your tree from disease and pests.  A tree spraying in the spring will usually keep your trees safe throughout the summer.  We’ll determine what kind of protection you need and how often we need to apply it after reviewing your particular circumstances.  You can trust that ArborScape technicians are fully trained and certified to handle these chemicals, meaning we’re easier on the environment and your backyard than other lawn care companies.
  • Tree Trimming – wait, doesn’t that usually happen mid-season?  Yes, we do trim lots of trees after they have foliage, but now is the best time to really affect the shape of the tree.  Springtime trimming also allows us to remove any unhealthy sections of the tree in its dormant state before they spread to healthier parts of the tree.  Lastly, if your trees are near power lines or telephone lines, trimming trees now makes the job much safer and less costly.
  • Sprinkler Tune-Up & Maintenance – sure, you could spend an hour with the manual trying to figure out how to program your sprinkler system and the weekend online figuring out the best watering pattern and times for your landscape… or you could let the pros handle it.  We’ll set you up for the whole season for optimum conditions and we’ll inspect your lines for any problems or damaged areas.  At ArborScape, we’ve seen every kind of sprinkler system.  Rest assured that we can make yours run right all summer long.
  • Consultation with a Certified Arborist – our experts have over 50 years of combined experience.  If you’re not sure what tree services are right for you, we’ll be happy to come out and take a look.  The visit is well worth it later in the season when your trees are the most vibrant and healthy trees on the block!

Don’t wait to get your trees in shape for the summer!  Now is the time to start early season tree services, so call ArborScape today at (303) 795-2381

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