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Lawn service in Highlands Ranch CO involves controlling frequent drought while also controlling weeds. Highlands Ranch homes usually have a high amount of clay in their soil although that can vary widely even within a subdivision. Sandy soil is also present in a Highlands Ranch lawn.

What is common for your yard is that the soil can make certain types of grass struggle to survive and may require fairly intensive watering and weed control spraying to keep the grass green and thick.

Lawn Care

ArborScape has spent the past two decades familiarizing ourselves with the variables that all that sun coupled with our mile-high altitude creates for your lawn. We have put together a full-service lawn care program that doesn’t just suit your Colorado lawn but creates an environment in which it can grow well.

Pricing ranges are based on a five-step seasonal program.

Full Lawn Service Programs

$58 for a small yard up to 4,000 square feet (sq.ft.).

$68 for a medium-sized yard of 5,000 sq. ft.

$98 for a large yard of up to 10,000 sq. ft.

For larger yards, please fill out our contact form.

Please use our contact form to schedule this.

We offer these as ballpark estimates to help get you started.  If you’d like an exact quote contact us with the square footage size of your lawn. We also can offer a free estimate.

We Know That Property Owners And Managers Need More Than Just The Top Commercial Lawn Care Service In The Area, They Need A Relationship With A Partner They Can Trust To Be There For All Their Needs – Both Expected And Unexpected.

Our Crew Visits Your Property On A Scheduled Basis To Mow And Conduct Grounds Inspections. We Make Sure Your Grass Is Holding Up In The Hot Denver Metro Growing Season.

Core Aeration: We Recommend Core Aeration Because It Is An Effective Way To Help Turf Areas Develop Deeper Root Structures. This Allows It To Choke Off Weeds And Absorb Water More Efficiently Which Can Save Money.

Fertilization And Pest Management: We Recommend A Course Of Action Based On Your Feedback And Current Lawn Conditions, Revealed Through Careful Monitoring And Inspections. You Are Always In The Driver’s Seat And You’ll Find Us Very Flexible Should You Need To Have Different Treatments Applied.


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