The Maturation of Highlands Ranch and Their Trees

The Maturation of Highlands Ranch and Their Trees

For years Highlands Ranch has been considered a new county although its technically unincorproated.  New buildings, new people and new trees.  These young trees haven’t had the opportunity to provide many of the benefits trees provide for an area. 

But as the years have gone by Highlands Ranch trees have began maturing along with it. Comment on this post if you have a tree success!

young tree

Highlands Ranch is known for its lack of trees making it look like a suburban desert where shade is a rare commodity. This is beginning to change because the trees are maturing where they will begin to grow quickly into a tree that provides all the benefits that you expect from them such as shade, wind breaking, and aesthetic beauty.

The droughts of 2002 and this year, 2012 have killed young trees which slowed the canopy development. Many homeowners have had to start over when an initial tree fails.

Mature trees provide great benefits but they do require a fair amount of maintenance to keep them healthy and vibrant.  You’ve invested energy and resources into your home and lawn. Its paying off so make sure your trees do the same. after all a mature tree can transform a yard.

Do the following actions so you can get the most out of your trees:

  • Water Trees properly: Watering is the most important thing you can do in this dry region where plants need more water than nature provides.
  • Give a proper tree trimming: Depending on the type of tree and how you want it to look will depend on how much or when to trim your tree.  A young tree needs a structural pruning to optimize health and minimize maintenance. 
  • Look for any signs infestation or tree disease. Trees are susceptible to beetles, borers especially if drought stressed.
  • Create proper structure: When your tree becomes a certain size it may be time to decide which branches were only  temporary and should  be removed to develop proper structure, this is usually the lower branches.


removal of temorariry branches
Remove the blue branches in the picture when your tree becomes mature